Chris House

Early Life

I was brought into this world on April 21, 2004, the same day as my grandparent┬┤s wedding anniversary. My mom, Kathleen House, and Dad, Steve House, were the right people for the job. Growing up I would assume I was like any other kid. I played with Legos, watched cartoons, and went to preschool. I never had any friends until I went to preschool where I met my two best friends at the time, Michael and Logan. We were best buds. But Logan was a year younger than us so we weren't with him very often. It was just Michael and me. We became even better of friends after Logan got split up from us. I went to his house, he went to my house, it was one of the best times of my life until we got split up. I went to kindergarten at a different school than him. Just like that I never saw him that much. Sure, we saw each other here and there, but it just wasn't the same as preschool. I was all alone for another big part of my life, elementary school.